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  1. EUL - Easy User Login

    With Easy User Login, administrators can log into other user accounts in the frontend. The plugin adds a login button in the overview of the User Manager in the backend. Both core templates (Isis and Hathor) are supported.

    After the login, the logged-in administrator can perform all the actions that the user can do with his normal login. For security reasons, only users from the 'Super Users' group can initiate the login process. In addition, the login cookie is used to check whether the user is still logged into the backend.

    The plugin is useful to test functions in the frontend or to perform actions for the user that are not directly possible without a login. The login is only possible in non-blocked accounts!


    Joomla! 3.x -


    The extension is completely free, but you need a subscription for support:

  2. Gallery CSS Slider

    This is a simple responsive image slider module (altough it doesn't slide, but fade) by It uses the awesome gallery CSS by Ben Schwarz.

    Simply chose the categories you want to get your slider elements from, create some articles, assign them an intro image and you're ready to go.


    • only about 2 KiB additional CSS (gzipped)
    • does not use any JS
    • easy to customize
    • fully responsive
  3. Cobalt 8 Support for Social Crossposting

    Adds Cobalt 8 support to Social Crossposting component. Works independently of any other content support plugins.

    ★ FEATURES ★

    • Does not require any setup in most cases, just plug and play.
    • Allows to select networks for crossposting separate from main component.
    • Allows to set categories or articles to filter (include or exclude them).
  4. No Duplicate Product in Cart for JoomShopping

    This JoomShoping plugin prevents adding the same product to the cart again and displaying a warning “This product is already added to your cart”. This feature might be useful for e-store that have lot of products with similar names. Everything is simple. No hacks, no settings. Just add or localise the warning message and let users to go on shopping.

    The No Duplicate Product in Cart for JoomShopping plugin can be used in e-commerce sites that have a bunch of products with similar names and you want to prevent increasing the quantity of the product, also it is useful for products that requires single sales without quantity (downloadable products, etc).

  5. Products for RD-Subscriptions

    This module for RD-Subscriptions displays products with various combinations. The module has lot of settings and you can set up your products look according to your needs. It is kind of "latest products" module, but much more extended.

    Key features:
    - Flexible customisation
    - Show Buy button, Image and Price
    - Sorting Options & Direction
    - Display ‘Show All’ button
    - Show Header and Description